Mental Math Traning

for Children to becomr the Best-in-class!

Abacus-based Mental Math Classes
for Your Child's Success



  • Confidently answer questions in class
  • Exams become less stressful
  • Doing homework becomes easy & quick
  • Understanding concepts is fast
  • Remembering lessons for long time
  • Improved concentration in study
  • Multi-tasking is developed
  • Independently solve problems
  • Math skills become sharp
  • Better academic grades

Our Unique Training Methods

Developing Self-Confidence

Reviews from Parents


UCMAS is the World’s leading abacus & mental math program that boosts brain power in children aged 5-13 years, ensuring their success in academics & beyond.

UCMAS Mental Math program consists of 10 levels.
Level Duration: Approx. 3-4 months / level
Weekly Classes: 2 hours


We promote a culture where learning is fun because we know that happy kids will thrive because of our mental math program approach, which includes:

  • Flexible timetable to fit your schedule
  • Friendly, energetic, highly-qualified course instructors
  • Small class sizes means each student gets personal attention
  • Certificates awarded at the successful completion of each level
  • Homework and drills to keep students sharp between classes


  • My child is not good at math at all. What kind of improvement can I expect?

    Because our training method differs greatly from that of traditional mathematics, just because your child struggles with math at school doesn't mean he won't do well at UCMAS. On the contrary, some of the most successful students have been those who had previously found math difficult. If a student is dedicated to the program, receives strong parental support and encouragement and persists through the initial training period, dramatic improvement is guaranteed. This is confirmed by the many testimonials we have from our proud UCMAS parents
  • My child is an A student in math. Is there a benefit to his learning the Abacus?

    Absolutely! A student who has already demonstrated advanced ability in mathematics will still benefit greatly from learning the Abacus method. UCMAS graduates learn new techniques and better understand how calculations work, enabling them to do their work faster and more accurately. That's powerful knowledge to take forward into secondary school and beyond. Plus, the whole brain development and life skills UCMAS fosters will help your child excel in any subject.
  • Will this training conflict with the school's method of teaching math?

    Not at all. In fact, the UCMAS program, at all times, is designed to help the students. A UCMAS child would be able to verify the answers using his or her mental math skills. Also, the program is an afterschool program and imparts the skill at a consistent and steady speed, which ensures that students can attend regular school schedule without any disturbance. However, the primary point to be understood is that UCMAS is a cognitive skills development program which enhances skills like Concentration, Observation, Memory, Imagination, Focus, etc. which will be a huge help to students in their academic performance.

    The UCMAS mental math program has successfully trained 3 million+ children worldwide and empowered them with improved math skills, academic performance, focus, memory, problem solving and multi-tasking ability.
  • Why is UCMAS special and unique?

    UCMAS, a child development program, has introduced a technique which will not only eliminate a child’s fear of math but also advance their brain capabilities. UCMAS School and its 6-Finger Technique has revolutionized child development and has helped eliminate children’s anxiety towards math.
  • What exactly is ‘Mental Math?’

    The UCMAS Mental Math program trains students to quickly and accurately do complex calculations without the aid of a calculator or other helpers. UCMAS focuses on Auditory & Visual learning abilities through listening exercise and visual calculations.
  • How is UCMAS different from regular teaching?

    The UCMAS program trains children using the Abacus as a tool and Mental Math as a medium. When children use both hands to operate the beads on the abacus, there is quick communication between the hands and the brain that stimulates more brain engagement. At UCMAS School, we do not teach them with ready answers, in-fact it trains the child to find out of the box solutions by improving their critical thinking and motoring functions.
  • What kind of progress can I expect for my child?

    Students develop the ability to think in pictures and quickly learn to perform large calculations mentally. Our 6 Finger technique equips them with the skills they need to improve overall academic achievement and to confidently meet life’s challenges and achieve greatness.