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UCMAS: The Proven Way to Improve Grades and Develop Life Skills

Help your child excel in academics and beyond with the UCMAS Abacus Mental Math Program. Our whole-brain development program for ages 5-13 builds foundational techniques that make learning math effortless and enjoyable. Mastering the abacus helps students visualize concepts and rapidly learn mental math, coming to love subjects they once struggled with.

UCMAS Abacus math program takes a balanced approach - developing vital problem-solving skills, concentration, and logical thinking alongside math mastery. Our expert course instructors tailor lessons to each student's needs and learning style. Our supportive environment provides a safe space for a child’s academic and developmental growth.

Give your child the academic edge they deserve with UCMAS abacus classes. Learn more about our specialized whole-brain development program.

The UCMAS Experience- Now Available Both In-person & Online!

UCMAS offers its proven abacus math curriculum through in-person and online interactive abacus classes. Through the unique and proven teaching techniques of our expert instructors, your child will gain an intuitive understanding of mental arithmetic, profound concentration, excellent problem-solving strategies, and unmatched speed and precision in math calculations. Our step-by-step curriculum is designed to progressively build math abilities and confidence while making math fun and helping students reach their academic potential, whether your child takes classes at a centre or online.

Make the winning move for your child's future, Sign up today and watch their confidence and abilities grow with UCMAS.

How Our Abacus and Mental Math Classes Benefit Students?
Mental Math Mastery
Increased Self-Confidence
Better Problem-Solving Capabilities
Improved Focus and Concentration
Enhanced Visualization
Academic Excellence
Math Mastery Begins Here. Know How

UCMAS Abacus Mental Math Program for Kids promotes whole-brain development, develops foundational skills like focus, listening, creativity, and academic excellence, and trains the next generation of leaders to face the challenges of an increasingly competitive environment.

The monthly fee for UCMAS Abacus classes is between $150 and $175. The classes are 2 hours long and are held once per week.

Find UCMAS Abacus Classes Near You. With over 90+ centers across Canada, UCMAS makes learning abacus mental math easy and accessible. Visit to find an in-person abacus class near you or fill out the form above to register for online classes.

It is a scientifically proven fact that the growth of nerves and tissues is rapid in this specific age group. Furthermore, it is also observed that the majority of neuron development happens during this period. UCMAS Abacus Mental Math Program, designed for whole brain development, works extremely well for children under this age group

More than one way to solve a problem – applying different frameworks, we’ve found, helps increase the child’s understanding and improves his/her numeracy skills.

In a virtual classroom, UCMAS abacus online classes are taught live by expert course instructors. Students join interactive lessons using a computer or device and headset. The curriculum and teaching methods are the same as in-person classes.

Absolutely! We understand that each child is unique, and their learning journey is personal. That's why we offer abacus math program trial classes – a chance for your child to experience our teaching style firsthand.

Yes, abacus math classes improve a child's overall academic performance by enhancing concentration, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills, leading to success in various subjects.

Absolutely! A student who has already demonstrated advanced ability in mathematics will still benefit greatly from learning the Abacus method. UCMAS graduates learn new techniques and better understand calculations, enabling them to do their work faster and more accurately. That’s powerful knowledge to take forward into secondary school and beyond.

Awards & Recognition
Winner of CFA Franchisees’ Choice Designation Award for 14 Consecutive Years (2011 – 2024)
Largest Abacus Lesson conducted on 3rd June 2018 at Mississauga, Ontario.
Megha Karia (CEO, UCMAS North America)
The Best Female Education CEO 2016, Canada at Corporate Vision Magazine Awards.
This Is Your Child's Year to Excel in Math
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