Whole Brain Development

Whole Brain Development – The Outlook is Bright When Left Brain Meets Right

Most brain development in children occurs primarily before the age of 14, with much of that development taking place in the first several years of life. Children retain significant “neuroplasticity”, meaning brain adaptability that allows growth and inter-connection of brain neurons.

The UCMAS Program is designed to develop the integrated and motoring functions from both sides of the brain. When children manipulate the beads of the Abacus, communication between the hands and the brain stimulates the brain’s right and left hemispheres. The right hemisphere – abstract side – creates an image memory of the beads on the Abacus while the left hemisphere – logical side – applies the requisite rules to perform the calculation.

Because the right hemisphere of the brain is much faster than the left, when the students exercise the right side through ‘visualization’, this results in strengthening the right-brain capabilities such as:

  • Photographic memory
  • Perform complex calculations
  • Conversion of images to words, numbers and symbols and the reverse
  • Ability to process information on an intuitive level

When both sides of the brain are activated through the UCMAS training, students can achieve calculations speeds previously only attainable by math geniuses.

Beyond math, our whole brain development technique ignites a cognitive firestorm in our students, who apply skills learned through our program in every area of their life. Better focus and concentration coupled with enhanced creativity and memory help students swiftly determine the component parts of a problem and devise a viable solution – and not just in Math – but in navigating effectively through every day life.

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When asked as to how has UCMAS helped Anisha, her dad Nilesh (residing at Milton, Ontario) mentions, "UCMAS has helped improved Anisha's Focus+++++, enhanced her ability to concentrate for longer hours, has made her think outside the box, and her speed of thinking has increased."

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